The Digital Health Challenge is organised by a team of dedicated and experienced hackers and event facilitators from the Medical Valley EMN e.V., Zollhof and Health Hackers e.V.
The team is supported both financially and expertise wise by their partners in the healthcare industry: Siemens Healtineers, Novartis and Nürnberger Versicherung.
We love technology.
We love playing with it hands-on.
We believe in curiosity.
We believe in the power of community.
We like to share.
We like to solve problems.
We are eager to improve healthcare
We are eager to innovate.
We are all local makers, hackers and entrepreneurs.
You can be one of us.
Enough poetry! We believe that a hackathon can be great fun and the results are often really inspiring, but sometimes those ideas are way too interesting to just stop working on them. We as local community want to offer the participants a framework for further development of their ideas to reach a proof-of-concept, being able to publish it or even to start a company. And even if you are just in for the learning experience, you are welcomed to join us.
Basically, the idea of the whole setup is start with an intensive three-day hackathon and afterwards offer the possibility to keep on working on ideas with the help and support of the local community for six months.
It is about welcoming you in our local  health tech and entrepreneur community. And as one hackathon does not make a community we don´t want to stop afterwards. We as organisational team are happy about the opportunity to go the extra mile with you. So the hackathon can bee seen just a kick-off with a consequent series of evening events and mentoring both from within the community and our corporate partners. All of this will provide you with the necessary team, insights, feedback and knowledge to come up with a strong idea in a sustainable matter.
Three-days of intensive ideation, prototyping and then pitching. During that time you will work in interdisciplinary teams and you will be provided with support, mentoring, feedback and of course food / drinks. It is all about curiosity, team play and creating both meaningful and cool stuff.
For the hackathon you need to register as there is strict limit for participants. For most of the consequent events there will be no registration needed. Just join our meetup community and / or newsletter to be up to date.
Coding skills are nice to have, but other skillsets are valuable as well for the intended interdisciplinary teams. Just join the events and find out, dropping out is always possible.
Be excellent to each other that include being open, help each other out even if the event is somehow a competition at the end. Share knowledge and results openly. Further information are included in our code of conduct:
We don´t want to obligate someone to do anything. Everything is voluntary. Everyone is free to drop out of the Digital Health Challenge to any given time. Nevertheless, there are some binding Terms of Participation.
For us it is most important to highlight that the intellectual property generated at the hackathon belongs not exclusively to anyone. Everyone should be able to work on the results of each other to accomplish the best result or in case some people drop out during the event.
As created knowledge should not belong exclusively to anyone and everyone should be able to continue working even if someone drops out of the challenge we propose to use non-exclusive right to use as our intellectual property policy. Further information you will find in our Terms of Participation.
Entry-Ticket, food and drinks – not included is travel and accommodation cost.
Yes, there will a space to crush with a sleeping bag. Please be aware, that this space is limited and we do not guarantee anything. Furthermore, we are happy to connect you with the local community to crah.
There will be a few parkingplaces around the bulding